So I'm sitting here watching Motorweek on PBS and they do this story on a thing called the Trans-America Trail. It's a 5,000 mile off-road trail that runs from North Carolina to Oregon and while it's mainly for motorcycles the feature piece on Motorweek was done using some Land Rover SUVs so I guess it's big enough for 4 wheeled vehicles.

IDK I just saw it and thought "hey that'd be a neat way to get some more miles on the HST as well as promote SPEED. lol

Looking for a video I guess Land Rover did it with Jay Leno's Garage too.

And watching the video it's the same piece that was on Motorweek.

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Wow - there's gotta be a Dakar America opportunity in there somewhere.

Really don't know what a PBS piece on a Land Rover thing on a trail has anything to do with the HST. Not trying to be critcal, just WTF?

It's called marketing, what better way for some relatively cheap marketing for the SPEED brand then to have Robby take the HST across the country using only dirt/rock/gravel roads? And if it just so happens to have some sections where the HST can be opened up or challenged by the terrain a bit then it becomes a learning/testing opportunity in addition to just marketing for the SPEED brand ;)

HST, couple of pickups as support trucks (doubt the Freightliner would fit, plus it wouldn't be needed), maybe get a couple of guys on Motorcycles too and just turn it into a fully social media integrated advertising campaign for SPEED.

Besides, who give two shits about PBS anyway?

Josh-me thinks the HST is going to spend alot of time in the dunes this year.

I'm sure but which dunes..



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