American racing pioneer and NASCAR legend, Robby Gordon, is bringing his popular new Stadium Super Trucks Series to next year’s Clipsal 500 Adelaide in an Australian first.

The 2015 Clipsal 500 will be the first time these 650 horsepower V8 trucks will compete for points outside North America.

See the trucks race side-by-side and tackle huge jumps taking the trucks over six meters in the air and up to 45 meters down Adelaide's famous street circuit.

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Another awesome find Will . Favorited and liked it lol .

They are going to go crazy for this! Very exciting news!

yeah this is huge! A mixture of Aussie drivers and SST regulars will make this one hell of a weekend.


The hairs at the back of my neck are tingling. Aussies love crashing and banging, they are going to love SST.


The kinda news that makes the chair rock a little smoother would'nt you say?


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