Check it out. "Guys and Gals  post your qustions on Monster Mayhem to Robby Gordon.Only post monster truck related questions.  They will select the top 10 questions and Robby Gordon will answer them... Here is a link to the thread...."

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This is all fine and good Tog, but why can't we have something similar on here? I don't want to join another site to reach out to Robby when this site exists. Why not have a weekly/monthly theme and pick a couple of good questions pertaining to that topic? Post the answers as he give them to you. We all understand his time is limited so you can set the rules as you see fit. If you really wanted to be adventurous, have him post a question or topic thread for us to respond to as well. It could be a fun and interesting way for the fans to interact with Robby. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a chance to meet him in person.
This is just for the Monster Truck thing, and is being organized by somebody within that series. I understand about not wanting to join another site, but the Monster Truck deal is kind of a seprate thing from his regular racing. Yes, there are things in the works for his racing, and interaction here, but I am waiting until he is safely back in the top 35 before doing those" ask RG' features. I wanted to do them last year & there will be a time for it this year. Again, this Ask Robby is STRICTLY for the MONSTER TRUCK series, because he is a new face there.
Very kewl.
Yeah TOG is right. RG really has free raine with the monster truck deal. It's really loose so he can pretty do what he wants there. If RG needs to be RG anywhere it is there. He has to come out with both guns blaz'n.

There was a lot of resistance to RG coming into the sport by the hardcore fans. They didn't want to be played like Travis Pastrana did.

They thought RG was going to treat them like a cheap whore publicity stunt. They now know he is serious. That is all they want. Most of the hardcore fans hate what is going on with the show. Just trashing trucks and not taking the racing aspect serious. They Hope RG puts the effort in they know he is capable of. Frank is a highly respected inovator with the fans. The Frank/RG combo sends chills down their spine. Cuz they all know what RG can build too.
This has sealed the deal to convert my 8 year old son to be RG fan. He watches a little nascar with me but is more into the off road. And what young American boy doesn't love monster trucks. RG is the man!
When is Robby going to be answer the top 10 ?s
Robby. What separates you from the other MJ drivers? What do you expect to get out of racing the MJ trucks and where can you see yourself in a few years into the MJ program?


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