If VW were still here, the Minis would be complaining about being 5th, 6th, 7th & further. RG would still be in the top 5 & we'd all be BellyAchin about Redbull & VW... fast forward to 2012, "he makes me take risks", he's fast, he must be cheating.
Years ago RG & Team SPEED took the rule book to town & found all the things 2wd buggies had over 4wd turbo D-Cells...
RG is schoolin Y'all well w/in the rules. Tire inflation systems are not allowed in the Dakar rules for 4wd but is allowed for 2wd... Check it out RG mentioned that the first (Jim Beam Hummer) go round... Paraphrasing "This is a big difference" for 2wd vs 4wd. Horsepower, tire size, shocks/springs, etc... They wrote the book, RG & friends read it. ASO may re-interpret what they wrote for the Schlesser 2wd buggy folks that used to rule the "Lower Classes" but RG is kickin butt with no concern for what they thought might be an issue... Schlesser winning a rally back n the day was really cute (i.e quaint) , but...
RG is just putting some mayo & mustard on your rules... What kinda wine goes w/rule book? I prefer a mild orange SPEED vintage 2012!!!!
Your TV coverage can disregard the big dog, but the rest othe world see's who's making you sweat...

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Amen. Stevie Wonder can see what's going on. Didn't an older and lesser Hummer grab 3rd overall a few years back? Why the surprise that it's getting better.

I think the Hummers have taken the (2wd) trophy every year they've been here. Give me a mfgr & some $$$ Doh Re Mi & RGM might just suprise them all...

not last year.DNF's both cars.Just say'n

the good guys call it winning by their rules. the bad guys call it cheating.
The French did it with Carol Shelby when they were winning with the Cobras during the 24hrs of Lemans. they changed the rules on the Cobras year after year and the Cobras kept winning.
keep on trucking Robby and kicking butt!

Nice take geo, Robby is ruining the ASO's party he's about as welcome as a clown at a funeral

RG the Smokey Yunick of Dakar

robbys cars are a little better each year, there suppose to be right? its called work.i know lets deflate the rear tires and gain 3-400 hp and pass those dam minis with 2 flat tires,robbys doing it the right way,me im not so smart id pull the restrictor tube off get out the lap top put stars and bars on the roof and get some sponsership from the outlaws. then show them in stage 13 -14 what 700 hp really is

Good point. These guys have no idea just how much power RG is having to restrict his hummer.

I thnk that is the best idea I have heard yet!

Ya don't tug on Supermans Cape, Ya don't spit into the Wind, Ya don't Poke the Mask off the ol' Lone Ranger and Ya don't mess around with Jim... You idiots woke the sleeping giant just as your feet stepped into the sand...

not only woke the sleeping giant but he is pissed

don't forget that one of the truck drivers got dq for bumping another competitor that was stopped on coarse a few stags back . so if peter {in spirit of the dakar} takes himself out {in the spirit of the rules} then that's one more spot up the ladder.


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