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I have been given the task of doing some research on Rick Mears as I will be submitting an application to nominate him into the Off Road Hall of Fame. For those who don't know, Rick was one of the early desert racers who transitioned into the roundy round world of racing.

Does anyone here on the board know Rick or how I can get in contact with him or his family? If you know Rick I would love to have you help on this project. Or, even if you had some written history, biography etc.

I was just tasked with this today and have until the end of the year to get the info for the application.

Thank you all of any help you can offer.

Other nominees I'm working on Luis "The Duck" McKey - The original Phamtom Duck.

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I know somebody who is a big part of PlanetRobby that knows Rick Mears very well, and has told me some great Rick Mears stories.Can you guess who that person is ? ( no it's not RG )
Baja Bill? TOG?
No..WJM ! He has great stories about the glory days of CART.
Thanks, I'll have to look him up. His screen name is WJM?
main page, left hand row bottom, one of the admins here.
Cool. Thanks a lot.
Thanks. I would really like to get some contact info either phone, email etc. I don't want to go chase someone down at the races and try to talk to them about their history in off-road.
thank you
Speedy Dan!
The Cinco De Mayo Grand Prix was held on May 5&6 1973, at Barstow Speedway [ this date comes from the poster on the wall of my shop.] This may have been the first short course off-road race ever, at least as far as I know of. My father was involved with race promotion in the early years at Baja and Barstow, so I will mine Him for info. At any rate, Rick Mears won the dash on the dirt oval by laps on the field, with Roger being only 1 lap down. Rick was out on the marbles, and his left front tire never touched the ground! To this day, I rember my Grandfather's words,"Keep your eye on him, that kid is goin' places"
Your Grandfather nailed that one.....best EVER at Indy.........


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