I know hes a busy guy, but there seems to be video around him all the time....Or has Youtube diminished that market?


My Auto students learn about suspension systems with a quick Against the Grain clips



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A Dust to Glory type movie would put youtube clips to shame. I'd like to see a documentary following Robby thru the stages of the Dakar.
yeah no kidding.

Just what he does in 1 year is nuts.
It would be awesome to have a documentary following RG through his entire season. As an owner and as a driver.
follow him for a year through dakar baja nascar, indy and monster jam
that would be an amazing dvd. it would be pretty long though, would probably have to split it up into 2 or 3 discs.
There was a rumor of a release of a DVD in Jan 08. There was even a preview on You Tube with a shock test in Parker with the TT. Dont know what happened. Waiting for the Monster Energy DVD with all the events this year.


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