Please could one of you kind folks explain how # 33 RCR gen mills car has got hold of the # 01 DEI owner points which locks bowyer in the 500 ???

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As I understand it......

Bobby Ginn was listed as owner of the #01.
Ginn exchanged that ownership for partial ownership in the 33.
Speculation is Childress paid up to $1.5 million for the points to cover the lawsuit between DEI, Ginn and Hendrick.

But I don't know chit.
I emailed David Poole about that lawsuit...he said I was reading too much into it..but that lawsuit was REAL and you do not tak eon an owner who has that pending, as you may become liable inheriting his contractual obligations..

I think Ginn/DEI saw this as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean with Hendrick and RCR was willing to pay the money.
Apparently, when Ginn sold to DEI back in summer 07, it wasnt a complete sale but a merger of sorts. Bobby Ginn retained, in name only, partial ownership of the 01 and gained ownership status of the #15 Menards Chevrolet. which used the then #14 points to lock itself in for the remainder of the 2007 season (when the 15 was previously out of the top 35 at the time).

Flash forward to end of 2008/beginning of 2009....the 15 is gone and dissolved from DEI with Menard leaving...and the whole Ganassi/DEI merger now combined the 8, 1, 41, 42 cars with the 01 and 15 going bye bye...BUT Ginn is th eowner of the he no longer has any affiliation with DEI but is now a paper owner in RCR, thus since Ginn owned those points they can transfer to the #33, as it is not a sale, but merely an "owner" utilizing theowner points he earned....

JB7... How was your stay at Holiday Inn Express??

LOLOL!!! ;)
Hahahaha I envision myself more as Fran 'the Tank" from Old School when he goes into that scholastic seizure and rambles off the most intellectual answer of all time to defeat James Carville at
Thank you. That really helps unravel all of the paper trails.
Tocommerate the final action in the stupidity of T35 owner points swaps, I will now refer to RCR only as Ginn Racing with Richard Childress. Sure it's not accurate, but Ginn was the worst* owner in NASCAR history and Childress should be punished for being involved with him on any level.

* This includes the chicken resturant guy from Stoker Ace, starring Burt Reynolds.


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