After hearing Robby say he has an announcement for next Friday does anyone want to guess what that will be?

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i guess that was a let down, unless the annoucement is from the west coast, so we still have some time, hehe! i have listened to some of the interview, but would just like to be able to see a nice post saying what it is officially. still have some time i guess.

this truck race is going to be g00d tonight :)
just be happy there is something to announce, regardless if it is today,tomorrow,next week or next year.
Hopefully it's that he will drive full time in 2010, He has worked so hard and has so much respect being owner driver of a single car team. Hoping he continues to drive the entire season
Ever think that maybe everything wasn't in place to announce? It rained all day today cancelling alot of activities. A few weeks ago BAM stated they would announce their driver for the season on Monday...then nothing was announced on Mon, they followed up with things were evoliving and news would follow as soon as they could announce something. Well, we know the evolving was Robby running some of the races. Robby will announce things when he can, news is coming.... patient...
I just hope all those people waiting for the "annoucement" can sleep tonight......if not, oh goes can only get better.......
Yeah, this rain sure has put a damper on the day. Screwing up the on track activities and an RG appearance. Maybe the radio interview on Wednesday took the place of today's announcement.
Nope! Larry McReyonlds said yesterday (Thurdsay) that Robby was being tight lipped on any info about an upcoming announcement...

There is some info on the web if you search for it deep enough that points to some possibilities...but nothing OFFICIAL


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