We're going camping for the weekend of the All Star and 600. Actually going up there on the 11th and staying though the 25th. Was wondering if anyone from the board will be there? Having a get together sounds like fun!

Also, my friends and I figured out a way to get Robby some votes for the All Star. When we set up camp we can offer people 1 beer for every vote place, or 1 shot of Jim Beam for every 10 votes placed. As long as it's Robby they're voting for!

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We haven't made up our mind if we are going or not yet. which camp ground ya staying in? We went last year and had a great time. stayed in the country crock campground, (just behinde turn 4)
This is going to my first time actually camping. I am not exactly sure yet which camp ground. We want Country Crock or Tim Flock. Either one.

We're going tomorrow to reserve the spot.
you know you can call and reserve.. the people on the phone do a pretty good job of seperating people.. as in they try to keep the heavy "party people" in one area and the people that want more of a family respectable area in another. drinking and having fun are in all areas...
I live in Mooresville, so I perfer to drive up there. I like getting the stuff in hand and not trust the mail when it's that easy of a drive. I went up last week and got tickets for all of the races but put off the camping until this week because I wasn't sure if we were camping or just staying home and driving.

I need a vacation and can't think of a better vacation then spending two weeks at the track and cooking out :) Plus will miss all of the race traffic.
that traffic thing is a huge biggy. I've only been to one race. I wouldn't want to go with out using the camper. I just hate traffic.
Me either, though we're going to go tent camping. But I wouldn't want to deal with all the traffic. I go almost every year and it just got to the point where I dread the end of the race because I sit in traffic for hours just trying to get out of the parking lot. That is, once I find my car. LOL

I am sure camping is going to be a fun and exciting experience and maybe make some new friends along the way.
ill be there. we plan on getting there thursday morning of all star weekend as we allways do and the traffic is a breeze getting in around lunch time in the tim flock site. i would deff. look into the tim flock site its a great site.
Thank you for the suggestion! I will do that.

It's going to be a busy weekend. After the all star and the 600 I am driving up to Ohio for the Prelude to the Dream.

That's my summer vacation, the first I've taken in about four years...sounds like a good one to me!


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