Many thanks to all who have put their minds together with the creation and the implementation of such a great safety feature. The fact that the Safer Barrier was put on the inside wall really saved Robby from what I believe could have been much worse had it not been there. Since NASCAR is now looking to add more to the safety of the track(s) for the fans, I hope that they listen to the telecast from that race and understand that (from a drivers safety perspective) Larry Mac nailed it, "100 feet further down and that would have been worse." So, I would hope that when we all see Talladega again that we see the Safer Barrier ALL the way around the track, not just where they think a wreck could or can occur. Accidents happen, so let's hope NASCAR has the wisdom to recognize that they occur everywhere on the track and that it should be a mandatory feature at all tracks to have the barrier ALL the way around on ALL walls. Remember the HANS device? Nobody wanted it, now they don't even remember why they complained about it because it is just as important as a helmet. Yeah, I know that on some tracks the barrier will impede into the track and not give the drivers the "room" that have become used to. But, less room on the track is better than more drivers in the local hospital room. Thanks for giving me a location to post my opinion. Thanks to the Safer Barrier folks for saving my driver! GAS ON FLASH!!! P.S. All my prayers to all the fans who were injured at Talladega, may your recovery be fast.

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Yeah as much focus as there is on Rob and the top 35, the fact that he walked away from that crash puts things into the proper order.

Maybe he went to the chapel service that morning for some good karma.
i'm glad he is okay that hit looked hard thank god for the safer barrier.. and i hope all the fans that were injured will have a fast recovery they touched on that crash the one with carl filpping on my local news.
FOX had the speed tracker on Robby and as he headed towards the wall it went from 182,178,174,164,0... So he went from 164mph to 0!! Don't know if that's accurate but that's what I saw.
It looked like a very hard hit from where we were all seated!!!!! While everyone seems to like waiting for, and then seeing the crashes, it does bring one to a REALITY trip real fast when you wonder IF they will make it out of the car ok! Very scary crashes to witness in person! Glad everyone is ok!!!
This is where vectors from physics would come to play. It would depend on what angle the car was traveling at when it hit. Of course, the car itself hit head on, but the car was obviously traveling both down the track and toward the inside wall at the same time. If the 164 mph is accurate, then not all of that speed was in the direction headed toward the wall - just a portion. It looks like he was traveling toward the wall at a 45 degree angle which would seem to be confirmed by the angle that the car came off the wall. If I remember by trig and physics correctly and the car was moving at 164 mph at impact then the component of speed that was directed into the SAFER barrier was about 116 mph. It was a hard hit nonetheless.
That was a wicked hit. Looked like the hardest hit of the day. Very scary.
the SAFER barrier is imo the biggest key to the safety for drivers, the HANS device also deserves a lot of credit.


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