I should have done it a while ago . Where are you from on the globe as the Rally crawls to a halt don't be a stranger. Mike M. Buffalo N.Y. U.S.A.

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From Portland, Or. Now live in Sweden

Born in Centralia, WA, grew up in Federal Way, WA (with a couple of year sidetrack to north central Idaho). Bummed around in the USN all over for a while, couple of years working in Manhattan, then a long time in Massachusetts raising a family. Now I'm in Tampa, Florida working toward retirement, and will stick around.

Yeah, been there, done that.

Surrounded by the Amish farmlands of Southern Lancaster County, PA.

from pakistan ,,big fan of ROBBY GORDON

Been around the world, now settled in Ashland NH

Doylestown, PA

Yerington (small farming town) Nevada

Orange, California. All my life.

Erie, Colorado

Camden, NY, 50 miles north of Syracuse in snow country.

Thunder bay, Ontario. Just north of the Canada USA border on the shores of beautiful lake superior. I'm not alone either. There's at least 1 other planeteer from my hometown... Where you at A?

Huffman, Tx


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