I should have done it a while ago . Where are you from on the globe as the Rally crawls to a halt don't be a stranger. Mike M. Buffalo N.Y. U.S.A.

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Riverside Ca. The last 20 years
in Mesa Az.

Nantes ..... France !
Lived 12 years down in Miami and probably be
Back in the sunshine state in a couple of years .
Comptche ca. 16 miles inland from the town of Mendocino Norcal

Vegas baby!!!

The center of all desert racing, dezert southwest CA

Andover mn I used to live in St. Paul but I can't stand my rude grandmother
Buenos Aires, Argentina !!!

Middle of the Mojave Desert.... California City CA

Québec, Canada

Battersea Ontario Canada 2 hours east of Canadian tire Motorsport park in the great white north.


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