I should have done it a while ago . Where are you from on the globe as the Rally crawls to a halt don't be a stranger. Mike M. Buffalo N.Y. U.S.A.

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North Bend ,Washington. the wet side of Washington State

Team TOOL, Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunny San Diego- Vista, Ca. Great Job you do Planet Robby. Thank you.

Blizzardy Ellsworth, Me
Huntley, Minnesota. Wishing I was in warm South America instead of frozen corn country.

Burketon Station, Ontario, Canada

10 minutes from Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, (Mosport)

I moved to Andover mn
Home of the Simpsons and one of 60 Springfields. Just this one is in Missouri, the former home of the St Louis Rams

Surf City, California (aka Huntington Beach)

Colorado Springs here.

Omaha, San Diego, Washington DC, but currently in Yokosuka, Japan.

Central Illinois by way of South Carolina, Indy, KC.


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