Friday November 18th, 2022
828 Mile Loop Race, Ensenada to Ensenada
9:30 AM PT TT approx. start time, Motorbikes 2:00 AM PT

Timing and Scoring / Livestream -

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4:08 pm RM 156

currently, they are 20 miles behind class leader Kaden Wells

Thanks for all the updates and info Mike, greatly appreciated.

5:23pm RM204

1977 has been sitting at RM214 for a while now.

moving, but 'off'course currently 6:15.


RM255 0mph 7:00pm

top of the hour 8:00PM
RM278 0 mph
this section of the course is by/ on Mex5, so might be no big deal/ pit stop

thanks for information

bottom of the hour
RM 284 o mph
it's going to be a long night


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