THURSDAY, November 18th, 2021
1227 Mile Peninsula Race, Ensenada to La Paz
10:00 AM PT TT approx. start time, Motorbikes 2:00 AM PT

Timing and Scoring / Livestream -

Schedule of events-

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Thanks Mike

1:45 pm RM 175

RM 225 - Steve Strobel gets in
RM 470 - Casey Mears gets in
RM 650 - Robby gets back in

RM212 2:19

2021 Baja 1000 UPDATE:

Robby Gordon now through RM 215, 9th truck on course.

Driver change coming up at RM 225. Steve Strobel will get in the truck and drive until RM 470. Casey Mears will takeover driving duties until RM 650, when Robby gets back in the truck to the finish.

Anyone else's tracker updating RG?

Pete, this is how RG's tracker has worked most of the day. Sorry

Still on course, about RM 315

About an hour ago and no other info ...

Thanks for the updates.


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