THURSDAY, November 18th, 2021
1227 Mile Peninsula Race, Ensenada to La Paz
10:00 AM PT TT approx. start time, Motorbikes 2:00 AM PT

Timing and Scoring / Livestream -

Schedule of events-

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Thanks TOG and Mike.

well it's a finish

Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike & TOG!

AMAZING, RG did NOT have a penalty P7 in TT and 12th overall.

And the RIP SNORT'N RIDGELINE did get beat by Blurton's Can-Am UTV after penalties, HAHA.

7th and a great job.

and part 2 , the last 12hrs, we pick-up with Casey Mears driving

jump ahead an hour to pick-up where video 1 left off

at the 2h28min mk -RG and Max get back in


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