THURSDAY, November 18th, 2021
1227 Mile Peninsula Race, Ensenada to La Paz
10:00 AM PT TT approx. start time, Motorbikes 2:00 AM PT

Timing and Scoring / Livestream -

Schedule of events-

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B1K co-drivers
Damon Jeffries
Casey Mears ( RM 460-650 )
RG talks about here at the 12:00 min. mk

Steve Strobel in
Damon Jeffries out

Do you know why?

I'm guessing that Steve's group had more available folks to help with chase duties, just a guess on my part.

For the Indy Car fans, Alexander Rossi is running again this year in the Honda Ridgeline.

It's to bad Alexander is teaming with Jeff Proctor. Jeff can't drive thirsty ducks to water. I believe the rip snort'n twin turbo Ridgeline has only beat'n the winning UTV a couple times.

and at less than 400Rm completed for either class 7's or UTV Turbo's. A UTV Turbo is beating Proctor.

it appears that my once co-worker (that I don't remember) Jeff Proctor has won the class 7 , class And did beat the first Prody Turbo UTV of Blurton.

Who’s racing what truck this year? Robby in the unicorn and Max in the Gordini?

Robby, Damon, and Casey are racing the Unicorn.
Max is not racing. The Gordini, Ford TT, and Speed UTV are just there for pre-running.
Because it's a Peninsula run, it's all hands on deck. Many teams are using 3 drivers, therefor fewer overall entry count for all classes.

Thank you Mike!!! Great answer. Everything makes sense now.


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