Friday, November 20nd, 2020
898.4 mile Loop race starting and finish Ensenada.
10:00 AM PT TT approx. start time, Motorbikes 4:00 AM PT

Timing and Scoring / Livestream -

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quick stop, gave up spots to the 11 and 70

rm220 2:42pm

rm 234 3:05pm

Thanks for the updates Mike. I'm not home, so they are appreciated, getting my Baja fix in spurts this time.

rm 251 3:27pm
next pit stop TOG confirmed earlier , rm306ish, Thank you, Barb

Yes next pitstop at RM 300ish

10-4 306ish is by an access road

stop 3 , 470ish ? and the driver change?

rm271 3:51

rm319 4:59pm

rm343 5:46

Next pit stop at RM 420


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