Saturday September 26th 2020
495 mile Loop race starting and finish San Felipe
3am PT Motorbike start time
7am PT TT start time

Qualifying for TT's , Wednesday September 23nd 7am PT

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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RM 245 10:45

1st on course, but I don't thick on time, JMO

RG leading physically, #10(Alan) may be leading on corrected time!

My tracker on RG has quit updating. Anyone else?

Not here...

RM 269 11:17

It looks like RG has been passed by the 19


Tracking shows RG ahead of 19 at 11:35 RG RM 285

Tracking is typicall BS!

Weatherman and Score guys on the ground are reporting #19 in front of #77(RG)...I doubt this very much!!!

@jerrDog, Believe it. I have the Video, I was chasing the Herbst teams, TT 19 came into driver change at RM 285, with a 63 second lead on RG.


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