Saturday September 26th 2020
495 mile Loop race starting and finish San Felipe
3am PT Motorbike start time
7am PT TT start time

Qualifying for TT's , Wednesday September 23nd 7am PT

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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Now days thats all it takes.

He didn't say they fixed the driveshaft either. Not bad for finishing on three driveshafts - limited top speed to 115.

Great job RG and Kellon !!!

RG officially 5th in class, 8th overall. Good starting spot for the B1K.

Awesome video footage Mike! Thanks

That's Great footage, thanks Mike. I pre ran all that last year, backwards, in Andrew's Class 1 car, at speed! Do Not forget your kidney belt. I didn't, but man is that stuff brutal. and that's just 20+ miles, Early in the race...

There's a video out with RG stopping and getting out. To me it appears he got out and laid down and was stretching his lower back. I would guess it was really rough, plus the terrible heat.

I saw that footage, maybe RG will comment on it Wednesday night if asked.

RG posted on Instagram. In the thread he was asked and responded "Massive cramp from digging"

Wow!!! This is some great footage also...heck yeah!!


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