Saturday September 26th 2020
495 mile Loop race starting and finish San Felipe
3am PT Motorbike start time
7am PT TT start time

Qualifying for TT's , Wednesday September 23nd 7am PT

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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He be movin'...

Moving again ....

RG is moving again 3:32

Site Member Don Brown working with the #19 Team today

Mile marker 462 @51 mph

Mike, Don is saying possible VCP infraction. You might be correct

RG headed to the finish

Ok, so now the question for is, will the Rip Snort'n Twin Turbo Ridgeline get beat again by a Golf Cart.

jump to for RG finish interview


I thought RG might crawl out and fix that camera. People. No means No. VCP's Top 4 hit 2, 1 got tossed for all cars. per DB

Quick summary,
Possible driveshaft issue limiting top speed.
A flat, fell off the jack a couple times, causing the long stop.


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