Saturday September 26th 2020
495 mile Loop race starting and finish San Felipe
3am PT Motorbike start time
7am PT TT start time

Qualifying for TT's , Wednesday September 23nd 7am PT

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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Don, was that after missing the VCP?

I'm thinking they both missed that one, Mike. The conversation I heard from Pats co dog was, he was banging doors with RG trying to get to a VCP on the lake bed.

Thanks for the update Don.

Sorry late on this, didn't see it till now....

RM 336.6 12:32 PM

RM353 12:49PM

Maybe the 10 on time or the 19

there's some slow , tough terrain conditions coming up

...through CP3:

#77 @ 13.17
#19 @ 13.18
#23 @ 13.19

RM387.7 mph 1:32 0mph

RG @ 0.0MPH around MM300+ miles...this SUCKS ASS!!!!

RG @ 0.0MPH around MM387+ miles...this SUCKS ASS!!!!

Moving again.


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