Thursday November 16th, 2017

Join in here and discuss all the action for the 2017 SCORE BAJA 1000.This event is 1134.4 mile race starting in Ensenada and finishing in La Paz. Links for tracking, Facebook and Twitter will be provided.

Updates to follow
Q is Tuesday October 31,2017 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (start of SEMA week)



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The lead bike of Francisco Arredondo (45X) has a 110 mile lead. One hundred ten miles. Wow.

Weren't the start times one minute apart ? Wow

IMO, is the best tracking so far, way better then what we have been getting in the past!


I know that's not saying much, especially when our favorite driver is at 0MPH and everyone thinks that there is something wrong with the me, that is LMFAO!

I'm sending updates to Don Brown's team, 10662 ,current tracking is 22 minutes behind , not laughing

Overheating? Vapor lock?

Planet Robby Test Question:

In NASCAR, does anyone know what "Start and Park" means? And why a team does it?

The Nemco business plan? It currently is not in play, perse
Starting the race, & then only go a few laps & Park the car. Usually to satisfy some sponsors, or financial reasons or obligations. Again, sponsorship deals already in place, etc. I really never liked it anyway.

Feel horrible for RG - long race not over

in other B1K news, Sean Cook 2930 and Sheldon 2907 are running good.


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