Thursday November 16th, 2017

Join in here and discuss all the action for the 2017 SCORE BAJA 1000.This event is 1134.4 mile race starting in Ensenada and finishing in La Paz. Links for tracking, Facebook and Twitter will be provided.

Updates to follow
Q is Tuesday October 31,2017 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (start of SEMA week)



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great pics- wish there was a like button here...

from TOG, a Planet exclusive, the guard!

Cool. Thanks Mike. A little birdie told me there might be more planet exclusives tomorrow. Can’t wait!

@ Mike.........your welcome.....

Max is going to run a few hundred miles in the UTV.

wow this would be awesome!!

in europe this would be impossible- straight rules- age- drivin licence etc. ;- ()

IMO, I think it is too dangerous for a 9 year old to be in this race.

In Mexico, parents have to sign a "Release of Liability" form.

Who is co-driving with RG? Is he doing the full 1000? I see that Kellon W. is navigating for RPM.

Damon Jefferies


Long race.... praying that the equipment will hold up.

we are appr. 3 hours away from Robby's start


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