Planet Robby

2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters

Join us to follow and discuss the 49th SCORE BAJA 500 ,Saturday , June 3, 2017

START/FINISH: 513.67-mile course
for links to Livestream and timing and scoring

Thursday, June 1, 2017
9am-1pm  local Qualifying-SCORE TT, Legend, TT Spec, Class 1—Not Open to Public
Saturday, June 3, 2017

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Thanks for the results update Mike. That video was awesome. Good or bad, us fans like the info.

I bid 120 bucks.....The wheel alone is worth more than that Michael..........Oh.........wwwweeeeelll......

As a chance to defend myself I don't have a "Device"..........I don't walk around praying to a tiny video screen all day all but a few I see in life are doing these days. I would have loved to be "In Chat"....and part of any and all news ....but i'm on a wheel all day...a grinding wheel.... a grinding wheel called life, and as bits and pieces are worn off and I wear away I use that grinding action to sharpen myself and refine who I day dream I am........Time to feed the crows. How can anybody enjoy life walking around staring sharing and's disturbing. Anyway...... tough breaks on the 500 was cheering from my corner as best I can.


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