Join in here and discuss all the action for the 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000.This event is a 854 mile 'LOOP' race starting and finishing in Ensenada Mexico. Links for tracking, Facebook and Twitter will be provided. This event also will feature's 'chat' so you can follow along with fellow Robby Gordon fans.

Robby (3rd in Q ) is scheduled to fire off at 10:32 am pt, Friday November 18th

Updates to follow



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I hear there might be 'suprise' for this event. Thursday is a heart beat away

Hi guys ... Any livetracking site to follow the race? Like Volocore,etc


SCORE will be using a new to them system. We'll see on Friday morning how the link works. Hang tight.

I'm very excited to get this going. Love the scheme.

SCORE pay-per-view? So no tracking or scoring unless you drop them $10?

From SST Facebook:

Hauling the Mail.

Everything going smoothly with the Trophy Truck.

Will try to update as much as I can via the Planet social media feeds.

Looks like Robby goes off the line at 10:33am/pt

GOOD LUCK RG and team SPEDCAT77!!!!!!
Wish I didn't have to work today......


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