337 Sheldon Creed + Jonah Street GORDINI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Dakar.com

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So now we can all relax. There is a 2nd Gordini. twice as much fun starting Jan 2nd.

Breath in breath out... Ahhhhh

Yep this is big news.. Now who's the 2nd driver? Tavo maybe now that he's on Toyo tires

A Baja driver would be a lot of fun to follow,

Keep Calm.... Gordini On...

Just nice to see a second Gordini!

I wouldnt be surprised to see Johnny as the 2nd driver...

This will be better than when Nasser was the second entry.

Although... I don't care even care that Nasser holds the keys to the school.

Tavo is the rumor-ish name at the moment. My vote is the current King of Baja, and some extra orange paint from RPM. That's the formula for Robby to go from great to greaterer.

Someone over at RDC says it may be a Chinese Elite Driver. I am not sure I buy that one yet but it is intriguing

The one with a black mask, lol.

Whoever was able to bring the most $$$ to the table will get the ride...



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