Well this doesn't seem like a good thing for RG either.
Can't verify the post however.

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More here.

Effective 2019. "The priority drivers will only be able to drive 4WD cars. The 2WD buggies will still be competing, although they will have to have the same engine [as 4WD]."

The “priority drivers” referred to by Fortin are a specially-designated category for leading entrants, who qualify either based on standout world championship results or are given the status by the FIA.

"It will be 4WD cars with petrol engines."

If RG is designated a "priority driver", it appears 2018 may be his last shot with the Gordini.

Good info thanks. I don't think the Gordini is ever racing again, however. At least not in something that resembles it's current form

Why ? Why would they put these limits on the cars . Makes no sense ...

Because no one can compete with the PUGs and the big dollars are not in this race. Would be great to see VW get back in and give them a run for their money.

Just no big manufacturer money in offroad racing. Heck WRC can barely keep manufactures around.

I think an "unlimited" car would actually open up the race to non-factory cars. Since I started following the rally a decade ago, only a couple of non-factory builds have ever had a chance at winning.

Sounds more spec series leaning to me, as in, Toyota Hi-Lux trucks.

I miss the Dakar of the 2000s

,,,they will always find some BS rules to kill the smaller teams- it was since years- VW, mitsubishi and a bonus or french drivers we knew it all- fck them- it would be sad to NOT see RG again at the dakar- he drivin was the only fun stuff there ;-)



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