2nd Trophy Truck off the line for San Felipe, Oh Snappppsssss!!!!!

They can all show up to see who will get to be the first loser.

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Ron Whitton gonna get the crome horn at mile 1.5!!! Gas on RG
no problem robby will catch him easily in the early going.
RG to win by twenty mins and to shut up all the BS about his TT not working as good as the others in the rough stuff, GAS ON RG. TT#1 for the win!
If Robby wins by a second that's good enough for me, and a win would really move him up in the overall points standings. RG has to defend his championship.
Anybody know if the TT ride height has changed? It looks taller in the pictures.
It's a great draw for the start, Robby only has to pass one and no longer eat dust. He has been pacing himself better the last couple of races. Although he probably thinks of it as a sprint after Dakar.


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