Join us on Thursday, February 7th as Robby Gordon will compete in the Toyo Invitational at King Of The Hammers. Gordon will drive his #77 trophy truck

Qualifying begins at 8am/pt, racing begins at 10am/pt

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I believe Austin posted on one of the social media platforms, the Q order is based of his race odds calculations.
So, RG goes 6th in Q?
Robby will be pretty far down the list. Austin and Dave Cole came up with a secret methodology using the past few years Race results. RG hasn’t podium’d or entered many races so he didn’t accrue many points. Austin’s odds are just for fun.

For those not familiar qualifying will be much longer than a normal off-road Race. They’re running a solid portion of the course for qualifying. After they finish they’ll line up according to their times.

A flat or minor mechanical during qualifying will be devestating to the race.

RG will need to race this one. Crappy qualifying due to a flat.

RG will go late in the Q round. About 32nd

Hopefully nobody gets stuck and blocks the course. Unless it’s the leader and they clear it up before RG gets there :D

Blade Hildebrand will be in the right seat. He's grown up at KOH and will be an awesome navigator to have.

menzie's is flying

What happen to the truck? He was looking good

It went upside down.

Hit a bush, got upside down, broke the radiator

Fixed the truck, then completed a lap

OK,. no problema, a lap is good enough for a great video,. show me some and i'll be happy till next race.

Does anyone know if RG is running with Eric today or was that for a race earlier in the week?


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