Saw this clever little article and thought I would share....

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Make mine with Khaos please.
That's funny, me and RG went to Red Rock and Elliot Sadler was there with his girlfriend piging out on lobster 3 booths over and Ray Evernham was in the booth next to us with these 2 hot gold diggers. RG bought me a bad ass steak that would make a vegan scream murder!
I forgot and just had half yesterday (JB Black only)...maybe I need to take a pre-race shot every week!
I have now come to the conclusion that I really need my Beam before and during a race. Of course my typing gets pretty crazy when I doing scanner chatter is what it is!
Great idea, Path! I will have the glass in one hand, and the bottle in the other and take shots during "debris" cautions and each time RG's car is shown or his name is mentioned. I should end up with a slight buzz...LOL


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