Just Found this article that Helio Castroneves, has been indicted on tax fraud charges! And they think Robby is a bad guy!

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I saw it on TMZ....I was wondering if TMZ had hired a new sports reporter or something. Two race car drivers in two days. That must be some sort of record.
MIAMI (TICKER) —Helio Castroneves, a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, was indicted Thursday on tax-evasion charges.

The famed Brazilian driver was indicted along with a relative and an Ohio attorney, authorities said. Castroneves, who owns a mansion in Coral Gables, is charged with failing to pay more than $5 million in taxes over a four-year period.

Castroneves’ sister, Kali, and his lawyer, Alan Miller are accused of assisting him in the alleged tax-evasion scheme. The three defendants are expected to surrender to authorities and appear in court Friday morning.

The 33-year-old Team Penske driver won the Indianapolis 500 in 2001 and 2002, becoming the fifth man to achieve the feat in consecutive years. He finished second to teammate and countryman Gil de Ferran in 2003.

Castroneves gained American fame last year after winning the fifth season of ABC’s reality television show “Dancing with the Stars” with partner Julianne Hough.

Should have stayed away from that dancing stuff, it'll get you busted every time...
That's really disappointing to hear!
Now thats funny !
Dancing fool....!
Can't stand the twerp and won't miss him at all....
Rich people don't do their own financial work, just look a how many get caught with tax problems. They all have accountants and business managers. Maybe he didn't know that much about what was going on? Hate to see it happen to such a fun guy, I'm still a fan and love his positive energy. I hope he can just pay a fine and move on with it....and then fire his people!
another alien trying to snub American law.


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