Is a Penske power plant the answer to the woo's of RGM.....Just taking the pulse of the Planet....

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All Dodge motors are the an extent.

Robby believed GEM was giving him inferior engines...hopefully Penske will just give him some solid Dodge engines.
He complained mostly about gas mileage... the Jasper package will not help there as their cars have always had a history of being thirsty.

Personally, I think Robby's gas mileage wows have to do with the right foot/brain linkage.
Maybe Kurt can fabricate a better one.
Hasn't that been the deal all along with the 10?
I think it will a certain point.
Penske power may be better than GEM . . . but it's not the end all be all.

Penske motor + Kirk and Crew + RG driving to his ability + RG letting Kirk and Crew do their jobs = Better Performance

I just go on history. Robby doesn't suck. This year Robby has sucked. I've seen the races, he gets PULLED on the straights bigtime. Then he goes too deep in the corners and has been trying his ass off to make up for it. He's had to stay somewhat quiet about it, because he wanted the GEM merger to happen. Thankfully that's gone full circle, screw GEM. Give Robby's team some motor, they'll do just fine.
Does anybody rember the good ol indy car days when on national tv RG blasted the Ford Cosworth motors saying that Andretti was getting better motors because he was getting pulled down the straights??? Look, we have been watching our boy over the years in many different forms. The boy can drive! However, we all know he drives faster, further, and waaaay deeper than anybody we have ever seen, in everything he gets his hot little hands on. Thats why we love the boy! The down side to that, as many of us on here recognize is that in order to get out of a corner, you must first get into the dam corner and then and only then down the striaghts. That means finesse. Whats shocking to me is that he's such a good road course guy that you would think he understands that. There are many "throw away" corners in road courses that you must give up in order to make up time down the straight and into the next corner...
Thanks for the time
You're so right and you know what....Robby never ever overdrives a car on the road course.
Better off going with DEI/RCR merger imo!
I guess my question is a mute point


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