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Rob, let Dale drive offroad. And you concentrate on CUP. You'll win on both sides.

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hahaha! thats the funniest thing i've read all day.
I want some of what he's smokin'!
Well you know NASCAR is the greatest, most important, motorsports series in the history of ever.

Yuk, yuk yuk boogity boogity boogity gotta git me more Digger shit. Junior farts in a can only ten dollars - send me a case, hell yeah. Lost my dog. Three legs, one ear, no tail, named him Lucky....Yee-haaa! Throw me another Keystone............
Keystone Light , hell yeah !
what dale are we talking about ? I thought he died in 2001.
Dale Ebberts his co driver in the 1000. And at Laughlin back in January. Big offroad fans I see !!
it was a joke...I read your post wrong. I thought you said Robby drive in off road and get dale for cup,thus my Sr remark.
Excused, if he lets a great other driver in for baja he could then concentrate on cup and advance in the standings.
Dale didn't race the truck in Laughlin. :)
A little due diligence can go a long way. Unfortunately here it's too often skipped before clicking the "Add Reply" button.
Hi Steve,
Dale didn't race in Laughlin because, first Rob asked Dale to be the driver. Then, Rob announced to Dale that Bob G. and Dale would drive. The truck wasn't prepped. Then Dale went out to practice and the driveshaft broke. Hardly a crew on site for repairs. Then for the first race he had his crew member race instead. All of this communication coming from Rob while in his plane in route to Laughlin from Chile. Ends up a wasted trip for Dale and company sitting all weekend and watching with crew and us uneducated race fans and family.Then Robby flies in and takes over. Still breaks again. Ruff start to the season.
My take on site.
Jeff JD Lees


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