Just wanted to open up the discussion for questions from the engineering side of things. This is another segment from the old Uprising that was pretty popular. Basically just want to let you guys ask questions that relate more to the technical side of things, and I'll do my best to get them answered for you. Or if you have suggestions for the engineering blog, those are welcome as well...So fire away...

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Cool, hi Jeremy, thanks for being here! Question about the bump stops, are different durometer materials used at different tracks, and do they stack different durometers to get a somewhat 'progressive' bump stop, kind of like a micro spring/shock?
Well then....this is quite a complicated question, and there are people in the garage that are trying to answer this everyday. I can say that different durometers are used if some kind of plastic, foam or urethane bumpstops are used. Sometimes when a suitable combination is found, it gets used at a bunch of different tracks. So it does not necessarily change from race to race. Just about everyone in the garage has a theory about what the best bumpstop is (except me), but maybe only a few actually have a clue and do enough testing to figure it out properly.

Short answer...Yes, different durometers are used, and sometimes they are progressive but not always.
Interesting, thanks for the info bro!
Wow--I've missed this Jeremy..my question
have just been watching the Nationwide race & they were talking about the crews had unhooked the sway bars on the cars to help them "roll over" on the corners at Montreal. I know they aren't running the COTs but I wondered if this is a common practice at Infineon & the Glen in the Sprint cars, & how would this differ in affect between the COT & the Nationwide cars because of the downforce & higher center of gravity, etc?
No..this is not common practice...Having the car roll more is usually undesirable as the camber loss (angle of the tire looking at it from the front) is greater and the aero platform of the car is unstable at best. If you ever watch F1 or another series that runs in the rain on a regular basis, softening up the sway bars for a wet race is common. It helps the tire follow the road better and gives the car more mechanical grip. At the lower speeds in the rain, the aero platform is not so much of an issue.

I will guarantee you that there will be 43 hooked up swaybars at the start of the cup race at the Glen.
thank you
What is the direction of rotation of the engine? ...and....does the torque from the engine (and it's associated forces exerted on the chassis) aid in keeping the left front of the car down or is that negligable? i imagine it is so small that it is not even considered, but i have always wondered about that. if an engine spun clockwise it should in theory cause the front left to go down and the right side to come up.
pretty sure it is CCW from the front...not 100% sure.
Where do the spotters locate themselves for Watkins Glen ? I know Robby used his father last year, along with Nick, but just curious where the second spotter would position himself ?
just listened to jeff burton spotter on sirius, they have 3
1 front-stretch
2 s's
3 turn 7 or 14 which ever way you want to count the corners
i think Rube has it right...I know there are atleast 2, but it depends on how many people there are available that can do it. I think at Sonoma we used 2 because the viewing there is really good. Robby may have only had 2 for the Glen, but I'm not sure.


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