Just when I thought the old Tony had been beaten into submission, he's back!

Stewart involved in altercation at ORP: #20-Tony Stewart expects to be fined by the U.S. Auto Club for an "altercation" with an official during Thursday night's race at O'Reilly Raceway Park. The incident occurred after points leader Tracy Hines, who drives for one of Stewart's two National Midget teams, got into the wall and there wasn't a track official or push truck present to help get the car back in the race. Hines' crew reportedly attempted to change a right rear flat and get him back into the race before another restart. As the crew pushed the car to the front of the straightaway, a USAC official indicated it was too late. Stewart then came down to pit lane to get an explanation for the call. He reportedly knocked the headset from the official's head and then shoved him. "We had an altercation," Stewart said Friday at IMS, "It was a situation [where] we didn't understand a call they made." In a statement Friday, USAC official Kevin Miller acknowledged that there was an incident but would not say who was involved.(ESPN.com and see video at wthr.com)(7-27-2008)

Welcome back, Old Tony. ;-)

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I knew it wouldn't be long until the "real" Tony Stewart returned. I'm all for passion and understand frustration (I loved it when RG threw the helmet at POS!), but Tony Stewart is more than just frustrated. I think he has a real problem. I think he needs "in-patient" anger management for months or even years! I often wonder if he shows his anger in his personal life as much as he does in racing. If so, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near him.
Can you imagine what's going to happen when he ow cars in the Cup series and they get torn up? I can't wait! Bring back the biff!
That must've been clean shaven Tony.
Welcome back? I wasn't aware he ever went anywhere!
Meh. I like Tony just the way he is. He's passionate, spirited and not afraid to rebel when he thinks he's been wronged. He kind of reminds me of somebody.
Yeah and people say that all the time...."It's just Tony being Tony"...... yet they want to run you-know-who out of town on a rail for a lot less than Tony says or does!!! What's up with that???


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