WTF.......... That could've been such a good finish...... DAMN IT!!!

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I think the reason things suck so bad is because he has been running so well. Things are finally turning around performance wise and he can't get the finishes to show for it. Hang in there Robby. You're better than 35th!!!
If there is a silver lining, it's that Robby's poor finishes this year have not been a result of how he was running. He is pretty consistently quick in the Toyota and is just a victim of circumstance
Thanks TOG.
good news! OK, onto RIR
I don't like the whole ride in the back thing, Robby lost the draft twice today, and had to hope there would be a caution.
Glad to hear Robby is ok. That was a hella hard hit! Crazy race today! Carl flyin through the air, fans injured. WOW! Robby was running so good. Sad that he got blindsided at the end.
I heard that the car didn't pass post race tech. It was too short for NASCARS standards.
He was joking. They dont...

He will be fine at Richmond, even if he has to qualify. Last year I would have been worried, but he can out qualify the field fillers.

This one definately hurt RGM though, points and mentally.
The good news is Rob has been running well - just doesn't have the finishes to back it up. I would hope that this team has "hope" that if it can stay out of trouble - it can get out of the hole.

Rob really needs to be in the top 35 for Charlotte because there will be a lot of cars trying to get in the 600. I doubt there will be a whole lot for Darlington and Richmond. Maybe 46 or 48.

Back to the accident - I know we all get crazy when Rob doesn't run well - but he could have been hurt in that wreck. Larry Mac said he was 100 yards away from hitting concrete. Maybe luck was on his side in that deal.
He did have luck yesterday... Robby didn't show anything at anytime to indicate he was capable of finishing any higher than mid pack... he wasn't hurt, and with the attrition, his wreck wasn't a painful as it could have been points wise.
before the first big one robby drove up to tenth place, so he did show he had the speed to do it.
At the end of the day he didn't.


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