WTF.......... That could've been such a good finish...... DAMN IT!!!

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maybe next time everyone shouldn't hope for another big crash
thats racing.
Yes it is, but it still sucks. Robby looked like he did his best to run smart and patient, only to be blind sided.
could be worse...Carl got destroyed with a half mile to go.
and finsihed 24th
I guess something similar could have happened to Stewart, If R Smith held his ground in the fall Talladega race.
yeah maybe nascar should thank Regan for not killing someone lol..that's pretty wild, but really the hit newman inflicted didn't help
Theres more races for RG to get up there... Something at some point HAS to go right this year.. I hope..
So heartbroken with this finish.. riding along, minding his business working his way to the front and WHAMMO!! Che Sera Sera. Thank God he's OK.
darn for Robby i missed most of the race today. I was wondering where he finnshed so much for the crash. The only i thing i watched was the big crash .I'm glad he is okay with the crash..Who ran into him ?
Robby's hands were not injured.
Thanks TOG I was worried, let us know if RGM expects a point penalty this week. Today sucked, the last 3 weeks have sucked.


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