Folks we had a great time on here last week...and great results.I'll be on here again tonight if anyone wants to join in. Hopefully RG and Walter have found some speed....if not I guess I'll consume more JB...see ya'll tonight

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Other plans, sister, deal with it! LOL
Fine Sis... I'll just wait for the "post race report!" LOL
Trust me, you will get all the details.....well, not ALL the details but the important stuff.
He's ahead of the POS. Great news!!
new to forum. who is POS and why???? Thanx in advance!!
Watch the video here: The birth of POS.

All will be clear.
I'll run my PS-3 ...Ya'll pick the
People need to talk about the race where they feel most comfortable at. No shame in talking about it here or at robbynews message board. Just try to have fun in whatever you do.
Just wanted to say that the race coverage was great here. Hopefully, we will have a thread for Indy.


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