Folks we had a great time on here last week...and great results.I'll be on here again tonight if anyone wants to join in. Hopefully RG and Walter have found some speed....if not I guess I'll consume more JB...see ya'll tonight

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Im hoping that everything will fall into there plan tonight but not expecting ore than 28 place, it would be more exciting for me if he dose because all i follow on track pass is him but dosnt matter what place is ends up in,

btw; stewart hass car numbers will be the 4,7,14 ruitimen,gordon,stewart
Race chat happens over at - join us there.
This thread right here in fact. Currently in page 4 before the start of the race.
Will continue the tradition of race chat at
Tonight's over/under on by what lap we are -1 to the leader....

Sorry ...WJM ...but we have a race chat here....Gotta respect Tog for his efforts...and besides that we had a ball here last join us or not's to a good finish and cheers to all
I'll forward your respects to TOG - he's usually at RobbyNews for the race chats.
like wise Alan........................why be a smart ass
I am hoping for a good race. I worked most of the day , so I needed to come home a get a nap, so I could stay awake for the race. I will need 1 or 2 more cups of coffee before the JB.
I'll probably need more coffe before any JB also ............. lol
Hi everyone, lets hope for a great finish tonight and the #96 was caught with tungston (sp) in his watter bottle, pre Donnie to # 7crew...
I have that the SS# of the lfe lock ass if anyone wants it...


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