Robby and Max are competing in both UTV events and 4400 Feature event.

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In UTV's
#877 RG
#977 Max
#3459 Todd Romano

#4477 RG
#4077 Max

Reminder, 24hrs of Daytona starts today, scoring

Robby Gordon Incar Livestream KOH 2024

9:30 am pt, RG on course

RG and Max have completed their lap

Any updates? I could not find results or them on course.

here are the finishing results
RG starts 79th tomorrow
Todd Romano 85th
Mad Max 88th (at least one belt change)
I find it suspicious that the first car in class was 5 minutes faster than the next group in the class. How stock is it to the rules? Or was it really an Open class UTV?

Bajaready, tracking is weird to get to, click here than map (left column) in the map screen, click on the car icon (upper left)

and as it turns out the car that was quick qualifier, missed a waypoint. That is why they were 5 minutes faster.

RG shows as car #4
Max is on course, not showing on course

Max is about 5 miles in front of Robby, both seem to be moving along well.


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