Friday October 20th- Saturday October 21st, 2023

For all things NORRA 500,

Look for SPEED UTV's for RG, Max, Todd

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Top of the hour 10 AM waiting to start Stage 2
both cars

Bottom of the hour 10:35
Max RM# 89 Mike Skyranch specail
RG RM# 80

Top of the hour 11:09
Max RM#95
RG RM# 92

max looks to be closing the gap some. Wish they lad the stage times for today posted.

Bottom of the hour 11:37 AM PT
Max RM#115
RG RM#101

Top of the hour 12:08 PM PT
Max RM# 126
RG RM# 124 Stopped , end of stage?

Bottom of the hour 12:30 PM PT
Max RM#138 running down #1979 for UTV lead?
RG RM# 126

Top of the hour 2:00 PM PT
Max RM#205 and within a mile of 1979 for first UTV on course
RG RM#190

max may pull this off. great day of racing

2:19 PM PT
Max is at the Ensenada City limits RM224 , maybe 1st UTV home

Bottom of the hour 2:31
Rg RM# 212

RG in City limits


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