Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th, 2023
Robby and Max are scheduled to compete, classes unknown at the time of this thread.


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moving again

Max starts lap 2, up to 7th in class

Max at RM2 , L2

RG stopped in the main pit

started lap2

Is RG live streaming this? Looks like he has a StarLink service.

not that I'm aware of

RG was stopped for a minute, wonder what happened? Going again now...

Max, 12:37 RM73 L2
RG RM 38 L2 stopped

1:00pm Max is stopped RM76 L2

Both 2907 and 2977 are at 0MPH! Oh crap! What Mile Marker(MM) or Route Marker(RM) is it?

Good night folks!

Thanks for entertaining us Mike as always, you're loyal!


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