Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th, 2023
Robby and Max are scheduled to compete, classes unknown at the time of this thread.


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RG didn't make it very far.
Max RM59

Max at RM76 stopped
RG finally back to Main Pit-DNF, JMO

Max is still stopped in the same spot. Probably colder than $hit

poor Max, 10pm, waiting on the sweep truck

finally headed back to the start/ finish

As you all may know, I enjoy Rob Harris's (AKA BobbyChuck) work. He has an amazing ability, IMO to tell a story in his video's. This footage does just that.
40 seconds in Rob's video shows the finish line closed at 10:00PM, Max didn't make it in till 11'ish (see race call) so the pics at the 1:00min mk are well 'staged', and Max was not credited with completing lap4. Just say'n.


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