Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th, 2023
Robby and Max are scheduled to compete, classes unknown at the time of this thread.


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Max is at the main pits 2:21PM
RG is moving also RM62 L2

3:20 PM RG stopped , Main Pit

Max RM3 L3 3:25pm

RG starting L3 3:30pm

and RG is stopped again at RM3
Max headed to Rm20

RG Rm21
Max Rm35

RG rm32
Max Rm50
bottom of the hour

5:04 PM
Max Rm68
RG Rm 49

Max is stopped in the Main Pit
I have no idea why RG is back at RM 21?

Max is starting lap 4
I still don't know what RG around RM21

Thanks Mike !

RG headed back to the main pit, off course.
Max RM45


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