September 30th- October 1, 2022

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Mad Max is looking to race the SPEED UTV. Tracking link Friday AM.
Sorry for the late notification.

Cars start at 8:00 AM PT
Max is entered in the Evolution Unlimited Truck class#177, start time 8:20 AM PT


the 'faster' group is on the North loop today, South loop tomorrow.

if you click on the icon that looks like 3 sheets in the left upper corner, it switch's to a land scape background.

Good luck Speed

on course

6141 was stopped, RG/Max have stopped to help? Now a larger group have stopped K23

Max still stopped, most everyone else moving again

moved, stopped, I don't think this will be the day they were looking for.

Max is moving again

12;21 Max is still on the move, passing the slower classes and folks that also had early issues. RM75


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