September 30th- October 1, 2022

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Bummer they lost the oil line, but can still put miles on the test mule

It's Saturday, Max has an 8:31 start time this morning,
They got penalties, but appear to be racing.

back in the Orange test mule 4 seater. 8:44:00 actual start time, on coarse

RM27 is the go start line

10:12:00 'go' start, on course

tracker seems to be working good today

Max at 82 mph , same as a Geiser 6100 TT Spec truck

bottom of the hour 10:30am RM39 +3 positions in 12 miles

stopped RM44

moving again

tracker issue maybe, back on the tail of the 821

top of the hour 11:00am RM57 stopped


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