Watch Mad Max #1977 for timing& scoring, livestream, schedule

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Sorry for the late post. Hopefully Max has a full race day.

Mad Max starts shot gun on the NA field. 21st in class 58th UTV

general reminder
Kaden Wells #1995 and Max #1977 started side by side and are racing nose to tall.

and if you did not see RG's Insta live footage, Kellon is co-doging Max today.

Max is sitting on top of a mountain at RM 46, 0 mph

7:20 PM PT, from RG's Insta, Steering u-joint failed ----again.
RG was co-doging, Max did get to first in class before the DNF,

I personally believe are a motivating factor for RG and all the SPEED UTV team to get cars produced and into the hands of believers, JMO


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