Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd 2022
'Mad Max' is scheduled to complete in the Pro N/A class with his XX
11:30 AM approx start time for the 4 laps UTV racers

follow Max here-

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back on course, starting lap 3

this will also be Max's last lap. He almost got lapped by the leading Turbo leader.

stopped again, icon still shows lap two. Live stream showed Max beating Baker to start finish line. ???

They must not think they can finish the lap before the start of the next race, JMO

live stream footage of the tow crew hooking up to Max

RG stated Max's XX suffered another electric assist power steering failure causing the DNF while leading.
That might be Max's last event in the XX. Next scheduled event is the B1K ( as of 11/4 RG and Max are not on the entry list )


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