January 1st- 14th 2022 100% Saudi Arabia

Robby Gordon will NOT be competing. One customer SPEED UTV will be.

Saudi Arabia is +8 hours on Eastern Time / +11 on the West Coast.

January 2nd-7th, the Rally Raid starts in Ha'il, Saudi Arabia and races South than West before racing to North to the city of Riyadh.

January 8th, Rest Day Riyadh

January 9th-14th, the Rally Raid continues from Riyadh through the Southern area of Saudi Arabia before heading to West, than West, finishing in Jeddah.

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Official #Dakar2022 Presentation! 1hr 31mins

in reviewing the route maps, the last 4 stages will be in similar area's as the beginning 3 stages of 2021

here is the route schedule, date- stage- city
1/1 Q stage Jeddah-Hail ( also starting podium in Hail)
1/2 stage 1 Hail loop
1/3 stage 2 Hail- Al Artawiyah
1/4 stage 3 Al Artawiyah- Al Qaisumah
1/5 stage 4 Al Qaisumah- Riyadh
1/6 stage 5 Riyadh loop
1/7 stage 6 Riyadh loop
1/8 REST DAY Riyadh
1/9 stage 7 Riyadh- Al Dawadimi
1/10 stage 8 Al Dawadimi- Wadi Ad-Dawasir
1/11 stage 9 Wadi Ad-Dawasir loop
1/12 stage 10 Wadi Wadi Ad-Dawasir
1/13 stage 11 Bisha loop
1/14 stage 12 Bisha- Jeddah Finish Podium

here footage from 2021 stage 3, similar to 2022 stage 9 by the map
here footage from 2021 stage 2, similar to 2022 stage 10/11 by the map
here footage from 2021 stage 1, similar to 2022 stage 12 by the map

sorry, I see the "DAKAR' is having video's deleted from YT, again.

Do we get to see the customer version for the DAKAR?

We've seen it on the wheel dyno, no body work. it was on Robby's Instagram live feed. We think the owner (not driver or co-dawg)has the name George.



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